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We Custom make leaf spring coil assisters for Campers,Motorhomes & Vans.

This is our own Design owned by Custom Campers UK.

 If your motorhome, camper or Van suffers from rear end sag, Custom Campers have developed an assister that will lift the back of your vehicle. These are a very heavy duty coil springs fitted between the axle and chassis. They are not like other brands. These will not wear, break or weaken. Cost includes fitting, however, customers can also fit the kit themselves. We do supply a D.I.Y kit but they are custom made to fit your vehicle so they do need someone who knows what they are doing to fit them. These will fit Talbot Express, Ford Transit and Bedford CF and more. Please see photos below of before and after, these are fitted to my own Talbot Express motorhome.

Please read everything on this page as it will answer a lot of questions you may have regarding spring assisters.

Motorhomes & Campers.

The rear end of motorhomes and campers do suffer with the weight of all the equipment on board, the vehicle and leaf springs were never designed to have the constant weight sitting over the axle. The reason for the leaf springs weakening is that the vehicles were originally a commercial vehicle and loading and unloading of weight would not have been constantly over the axle.

LGV. Vans

Sometimes when a van is fully loaded to it Maximum weight the rear can look very saggy. With spring assisters they will keep the rear end at a reasonable height and the drive will be much better for long distance deliveries. They do not make the vehicle carry more weight over the legal weight loading of the vehicle.

Recovery Trucks.

If your truck is a home conversion or from new, again the leaf springs wear and with the centre of gravity being higher up due to a car loaded on the rear it can feel unstable.


When the horsebox is empty there is less weight constantly sitting over the axle, but when loaded and if the leaf springs are weakening, again this can feel unstable.

Why assisters and not fit new leaf springs?

After years of research designing our assister kit I came to the conclusion that coil spring assisters were a much more economical way to go than replacing leaf springs. I will use my own motorhome as an example: To replace both leaf springs with new heavy duty springs, (bear in mind there's no point in replacing with the same load rating springs or you might as well do the job again in a few years time) proved expensive. The heavy duty leaf springs were priced at £435 each (2009 prices), fitting them could be tricky as bolts need to be replaced as you can bet they would snap or wouldn't move. U bolts have to be replaced with new at £60 a set. I added the cost up to replace the leaf springs at around £1,100. Following this research I then designed our coil spring assisters which are less than half the price and easy to fit, thus solving the problem and proving you do not need to fit new leaf springs.


Custom Campers UK has been trading now for some time. We repair and restore campers & motorhomes. Our main website is

Two years ago we designed and developed a coil spring assister that could be fitted under a motorhome to help with weak leaf springs. Roughly 6 years ago I bought some from a company which didn't do the job very well and after two years and after 15k miles I discovered 3 of the 4 springs had snapped. I decided to design and custom make a kit that would not weaken, snap or have to be replaced in a few years.

Our kits are very strong and can be quite heavy (20kgs) but they are made to last, Please see the photo above to show the size of coil springs we use compared to others. One customer commented that they would see out the life of any motorhome. If you decide on the D.I.Y kit, the kit comes with full fitting instructions and can be fitted within 4 hours. Tools needed are 17mm & 10mm spanner, two trolley jacks & a 10 & 6mm drill bit, angle grinder. Everything else is pre drilled and ready to be bolted into place.


Richard from Cheltenham.

Dear Simon, I would just like to say that I am absolutely delighted with the new spring assisters that you fitted on my LWB Talbot express (1991) Campervan. The wife calls them 'Hip replacements' as the camper now looks and handles like a spring chicken!! I am particularly happy that I can always adjust the ride height down a tad if I choose in the future and it will only take me less than 3/4 of an hour to do myself....easy peasy!! 

Roger from Harlow.

After contacting Simon at Custom Campers with regard to the Campervan/Spring Assisters to fit my Ford Transit based Autosleeper, decided it was well worth the 500 mile round trip to get them fitted at his workshop. This was expertly done within a day at reasonable cost and the journey home was greatly improved compared to the one to his workshop.

Glyn from Bolton.

"I was introduced to Custom Campers UK by a well known Motorhome Forum which suggested that the owner of this business was committed to giving his customers the best service. After using the services of "Custom Campers UK" to have a pair of spring assistors fitted to my 1994 Talbot Autosleeper Harmony, I can certainly vouch for this original comment. I can also add that Simon, the owner, is also reliable and conscientious about how he treats his customers. He is informative and genuinely interested in the customer's pride and joy that he has been entrusted to work on. Nothing is too much trouble for Simon......I have liaised with him on several occasions after the spring assistors had been fitted and he has offered advise and help on several other issues that I had with the van. Simon even sent me a short video by email to show me how to ascertain a particular suspension problem that I had with my van - this proved to be invaluable and helped me no end to diagnose that the shock absorbers were broken on my van. Simon is a breath of fresh air to the Motorhome industry and I thoroughly recommend this company for all your motorhome needs including the innovative spring assistors that have transformed my vehicle's ride and capacity for towing my small boat. Give this company a try."

Toby from Cornwall.

Can't say how glad I am that I fitted your Spring Assisters to my 1992 Talbot Autosleeper. It was a relatively easy kit to fit well within the scope of the home mechanic. They have completely transformed the driving experience and made the van look and handle like new. Definitely would recommend to anybody with tired old leaf springs on their van. Simon is also a nice guy to.

Neil from Scotland.
Hi Simon .Sorry for not being in touch sooner the reason being I have not had the opportunity to test drive my motor home until the weekend that is. Well can I just say that apart from eliminating the saggy bottom of the rear suspension, the handling of the vehicle has vastly improved in respect of the rear end sway factor especially cornering around roundabouts / reduced pull from overtaking lorries and buses,plus the overall ride factor is a lot smoother.Simon your product is first class and your instructions for fitting were to the letter. Once again thanks again and i will recommend your product to any motor home owners that i meet requiring suspension improvements. Regards Neil Lowden.


Talbot Express, Fiat Ducato, Citroen.Ford Transit, Bedford CF + many more.

                                      Before                                                                          After


Our kits include.

2 x coil spring max load of 700kgs each.

4 x coil cups

1 x cross member(Talbot/Boxer/Relay/Iveco/Mercedes Sprinter/crafter. only)

Fitting instructions.



Payment can be made via the following methods

Over the Phone Debit card, Credit card,

Cash, Cheque, Internet Transfer,



Fitting service.

We can fit the kits if required. The cost of this service is £125. Fitting can take between 2 to 4 hours. Please phone or email to book your vehicle in.


Postage & Packing

UK postage is -£30 per kit.

For outside the UK please ask for a quote.


Cost of the kits


No V.A.T ideal for upto 3500kg

 Talbot Express/Fiat Ducato/Citroen C25       1983 > 1994         
 Boxer/ Ducato/ Relay. SWB & LWB 1994 > 2006
 Bedford CF 1 & 2  SWB 1972 > 1986
 Bedford CF 1 & 2  LWB 1972 > 1986
 Ford Transit FWD, SWB, LWB 2008 > 2012
 Ford Transit RWD, SWB, LWB 1984 > 2008
 Mercedes Sprinter SWB, MWB, LWB 1996 >
 Mercedes 308/310 Pre Sprinter           > 1996
 Iveco Daily SWB,MWB,LWB 1999 > 2007
 Bedford Rascal/Suzuki Super carry 
 Renault Traffic MK1 
 Renault Master MK1 & MK2 
 Vw Crafter SWB & LWB 1996>
 Tata Pickup 2000> 

Buy a kit now !!!  

Postage & Packing £25 uk only.



Alco chassis tag axle. In the design process.

If you would like to know more please either phone or email Simon

 If you would like to book your vehicle in for fitting please phone or email.

Trade discounts available. For bulk orders.

We are looking for agents in the following countries to make our kits under licence.

USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany.

Tel 07543 058985 between 9am / 6pm, please text after 6pm

Unit 6, Spring Bank Farm,Congleton Rd,Arclid,Cheshire, CW11 2UD.

10 minutes of the M6 J17.

Email: info@customcampersuk.co.uk